Providing GIS, IT and Engineering Solutions for Water, Sewer, Stormwater and Solid Waste Industries – for 30+ years

OVERVIEW: We are an Engineering and Geographic Information System (GIS) consulting firm specializing in the development of solutions for local, state and federal agencies, as well as private utility companies that work with wet utilities and solid waste. DCSE also looks forward to stewarding leadership in GIS Consulting – specifically as they are related to water, sewer, stormwater, electrical, gas and cadastral management.

HISTORY: DCSE was founded in 1989 in Southern California and is comprised of professional water, wastewater, environmental, mechanical and chemical engineers, project managers, GIS analysts, and software engineers with many years of experience in developing large-scale information management systems.

As DCSE enters its third decade of providing these IT and Spatial solutions, our comprehensive scope of experience and expertise has evolved to include:

  • Deep industry knowledge of water and wastewater agency processes and business requirements
  • Environmental reporting and information capture for remediation and compliance projects, related to EPA regulations
  • Remote sensing and satellite imagery analysis with application to water use and agricultural practices.
  • Water distribution, sewer collection system, and groundwater data collection and management
  • In-depth knowledge of the building, calibrating, and running of hydraulic computer network models
  • The integration of GIS with other systems such as CIS, CMMS, and Document Management Systems
  • The application development experience in all tools – including ArcGIS Desktop/Pro, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, 3-D Modeling, FME, SQL Server Spatial, Oracle Spatial, Python, Microsoft .NET
  • The implementation of mobile applications


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